about me

hi there

I'm emily

the reason for it all

the touch of a heart

A picture tells a story of our life. The feeling of seeing who you are in such a magical way. I love faces and the emotion they bring!

My specialty is legacy portraits, headshots, children and families. A photograph that lasts a lifetime. If you do not have a photograph of you with your parents or grandparents … you need one!

MY style

in time

real moments

To capture a moment when they do not notice you are there. A natural smile without mentioning the word “cheese”.

That is the style I have fallen in love with.

Children will play if you let them without posing or directing. A no stress environment … just fun! 

studies & awards

mentors and awards

my studies,

* My photography studies include Sue Bryce, a world renowned photographer. I am constantly learning from her. With her encouragement, my photographs have won numerous awards and honors.

* My extensive workshop experience includes Meg Bitton Photography who is known for her fine art portraits of children. I have received her star seal of approval.

* I am an active member of the Peter Hurley Headshot Crew. Peter is a world famous headshot photographer based in New York City. I was thrilled to be asked to take his photograph.

* My newest mentor is Michelle Lynn Morris, a master in the art of Boutique School Photography.